ANNA Conference 2017

|ANNA Conference 2017

ANNA Conference 2017

The Ammonium Nitrate / Nitric Acid Conference

2017 ANNA Conference, October 1 to 6th, 2017 at Hyatt Regency Lost Pine Resort and Spa located 20 minutes from Austin Texas.

The Ammonium Nitrate / Nitric Acid Producers Study Group (ANNA) is an informal international organization of manufacturers of Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid with the goal of promoting networking within the industry.

The ANNA group has a rich history of bringing know-how, technology and experience together to address the current issues and concerns of the industry. This allows the ANNA to seek the best practices, innovations and practical solutions to promote the success of the industry as a whole.

ANNA has two purposes

  • To organize a meeting for producers of AN and NA worldwide and to facilitate open discussions on shared process, plant, maintenance, regulation and safety issues.
  • To organize a platform wherein producers of ANNA can network among themselves and with the specialized suppliers that serve this industry.

The yearly meeting attracts more than 250 mainly technical and safety experts from the NA and AN industries worldwide and has become the ultimate conference for these people. The conference is organized by an executive in a close cooperation with a host company being itself an AN and NA producer and by a group of exhibitors/vendors serving the two industries and sponsoring the conference. This set-up is unique and has created impressive results. The ANNA conference consists of an ammonium nitrate section which deals with AN solution and particulation technology, safety and environmental issues, and a nitric acid section dealing in particular with production technology, emission abatement and actual operational issues in the NA industry.

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    Oct 01 2017 - Oct 06 2017

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    Hyatt Regency Lost Pine Resort and Spa
    Austin, Texas