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Surface Bonding Technology

Use Biofix® Surface Bonding Technology to attach yield boosting nutrient powders to standard fertilizer and Blends.

  • Boost yield returns
  • Improve crop quality
  • Optimise fertiliser usage
  • Pay only for the nutrients you need
  • Even field distribution
  • Environmentally beneficial

Why choose Biofix®?

There are many valuable benefits that Biofix® can deliver.

Our aim is to provide farmers, distributors, Fertilizer blenders and manufacturers with a method to add value to their products and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

There are many different fertilizers on the market, but there are even more types of soils with varying nutrient requirements. Most Farmers can’t get the exact blend they need and have to pay for nutrients they don’t need to get a bit of what they do.

We believe the future lies with tailor made bulk fertilizers which more closely address the needs of the soils to which they are being applied.

Surface Bonding Technology

Liquid at room temperature

We have successfully developed and introduced the new generation Biofix® range which utilises our proprietary Surface Bonding Technology™ (SBT™).

This is achieved through integrated expertise in fertilizer technology, surfactant and emulsion chemistry, application development and related equipment.

Our SBTTM, surface Bonding technology, means that valuable powders can be attached to each granule to increase the value of the Ferilizer, and these trace elements or nutrients are spread out as evenly as the fertilizer you put onto the soil.

BIOFIX® works by coating each individual fertilizer granule with a polymer coating which captures powder particles, trace elements or any value adding powder which remain adhered even after long periods of storage.

BIOFIX® products are unique in that they start out as room temperature liquids which can be easily sprayed onto granules or pellets. This liquid then spreads over the granule surface, polymerizing to form a rubber-like protective structure. The technology works by forming a strong, mechanical, non-migrating, temperature-resistant bond on the granule’s surface.

Trace Element Management

TE & Biofix Coated NPK / Uncoated NPK

Trace elements or micro nutrients are becoming more and more important as the pressure to improve food production yields increases.

Trace elements can be added to liquid fertilizers, but new methods for bulk application are needed. These valuable trace element powders are conventionally added either in a powder form, incorporated during manufacture, or formulated into granules of their own. The powder form is a dust hazard so is scarecely attempted. Concentrated trace element granules can be blended with bulk fertilizers at low percentages, but this can result in very uneven field distribution.

To compound the powders into fertilizers during manufacturing slows production, increases costs and means that there are only fixed ratios available.

Biofix® technology provides a unique solution allowing for the correct ratios of trace elements to be attached to each fertilizer granule which leads to even field distribution.

Addressing Sulphur Dificiencies

Using Biofix®, sulphur powder can be easily attached to Urea or other types of fertilizer granules.

UncoatedUrea/Biofix & Sulpur Coated Urea

Coupled with the decrease of sulphur in the environment, crops have a higher demand for Sulphur than normal vegetation. Elemental sulphur is converted by soil bacteria into the usable sulphate form only if the particle size is small enough. Applying fine dusting sulphur to fields is impractical due to health risks and application problems. Using Biofix® technology fine Sulphur partilcles can be attached and evenly spread over the entire fertilizer batch.

Sulphur is also known to reduce Nitrogen losses from Urea fertilizer and this is another benefit that can be gained by using Biofix® technology. More available Nitrogen leads to higher crop yeilds and higher financial returns.

Nutrients & You

The Importance of nutrients in the soil is inequitably obvious; however getting these essential nutrients into the soil is challenging. Biofix® has the ability to cost effectively attach nutrients to fertilizers, ensuring even spreading throughout the land where it is applied.

Many plants require different levels of nutrients and different combinations of nutrients, for this reason Biofix® is a farmer’s best friend. You, the farmer, save money because you do not need to over dose your farmlands with fertilizers to ensure fertilizer and nutrients have reached every plant.

With Surface bonding technology you can be confident that essential nutrients have been evenly distributed. Secondly, you have a lesser impact on the environment; Leaching is a major problem causing Eutrophication in dams and rivers. As a farmer, water is an important commodity that you do not want to impact, and using less fertilizer will reduce leaching into nearby water sources.

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