Nutrient Slurries for Coating onto Fertilisers

Nourish contains specially blended propriety wetting and emulsion stabilisers which allows for easy powder dispersions to be prepared.

The slurries made with Nourish can be used for value addition to fertilisers such as the addition of micro-nutrient powders and colour coding of granular fertilisers.

The ability to make a stable powder dispersion containing up to 65% (m/m) of powders has many benefits including the reduction of powder handling process/equipment, dust suppression and safety hazards reduction.

Zinc is one element which is working very well in our slurry technology. We are able to get 60% ZnO into the final liquid. This can be sprayed onto the fertiliser to easily achieve 0.5% Zn in the final fertiliser concentration with every single granule containing the right amount of Zinc. Compared to adding a small % of granules the field distribution is greatly improved.

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