• Excellent emulsion properties with single or mixed salt oxidizer systems
  • Multiple emulsion formation systems compatible – jet mixer, pin-mill, centrifugal
  • Single or dual component nitrite gassing system
  • Chemical and physical gassing

Technology partner to surface blasters

  • Unique products custom designed for use, continual drive to improve and refine current products
  • Produced from thermal derived HR PIBSA
  • Dynamic formula
  • Optimized head group functionality to desired application
  • Continual drive to innovate – solid-chemical mixed emulsifier synergy
  • Supplied as ready to use fuels, and super concentrates
  • Virgin diluent, used oil compatible from 10 – 80% in formulation
  • Process energy input considerations – low to high energy input
  • The surface emulsifier range produce products that exhibit ease of refinement, superior mechanical and thermal stability, extended shelf life, good resistance to shear stability and increased resistance to water penetration
Product RangeBenefitTime to viscosityEmulsion stability
ConcentratesMixed head group systems, custom designed to fit the process, 20 to 30% in fuel dilutionModerateVery Good
C6 range super concentrates
Optimum hydrophile selection for application, mixed emulsifier synergy, 20% in fuel dilution, additive pack compatible, 20% or higher used oil compatibleModerate to rapidVery Good
CR and CW range super concentrates
Designed for improved handle ability, optimum hydrophile selection, mixed emulsifier synergy available, 20% in fuel dilution, additive pack compatible, 20 – 80% used oil compatible Moderate to rapidVery Good
Finished fuel phases
Ready for use, customized design, viscosity to process implications considered, virgin and used oil containingRapidVery Good

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