• Excellent emulsion properties with single or mixed salt oxidizer systems
  • Multiple emulsion formation systems compatible – jet mixer, pin-mill, centrifugal
  • Single or dual component nitrite gassing system
  • Chemical and physical gassing

Technology partner to underground blasters

  • Produced from thermal derived HR PIBSA
  • Application ranges from
    • Underground bulk
    • Fractured ground
    • Vertical up-hole
  • Product sensitivity in small to medium diameter holes
  • Supplied as ready to use fuels and concentrates
  • Sympathetic bubble stabilization technology considered and included
  • Technology innovation
  • Additive pack compatible
  • Multiple application solution
  • This versatile range has been designed to produce emulsions that exhibit ease of refinement, with excellent re-pump ability and excellent shelf life characteristics
Product RangeBenefitTime to viscosityEmulsion stability
ConcentratesSynergistic blend for vertical sticky emulsion application, 50% in local fuels dilution RapidVery Good
Finished fuel phases – bulk
Ready for use blend for bulk emulsion loading underground, optimized head group to function, gas bubble stabilization additives included RapidVery Good
Finished fuel phases - vertical

Ready for use synergistic blend for vertical sticky emulsion application, product thickening depending on charging system
Very RapidVery Good

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