Unique products designed for unique applications

  • Competitive advantage by bundling features for greater customer acceptance
  • All in one solution combination of a surface product, value additive to provide any of the application ranges listed
  • Sorbitan and non-sorbitan ester based emulsifiers for use primary and co-emulsifier roles
  • Total base number optimization in used car engine oils for application
  • Low dose chemical de-mulsifier technology optimized to process requirements
  • Continual drive to innovate new products within this range
Product RangeApplicationBenefit
StikipakSynergistic blend
various wax compatibility
Provides additive pack to surface emulsifiers for all-in-one solution to varying underground applications. Dosage is application dependent, with product thickened via charging equipment
Sorbitan emulsifiersSorbitan esterCost effective emulsifier, dosage dependent on shelf life required, forms good synergy with PIBSA based emulsifiers for emulsion inversion and refinement, gassing rate accelerant
Non-sorbitan emulsifiers – Super SMOPolyglyceride derived, multiple function
Carbon chain length optimized to application, primary and co-emulsifier function, improved refinement over standard sorbitan esters, excellent function as solid particle dispersant
Acidity modifiersPolymer based
Alkalinity neutralizer for used oil
De-mulsifiersEmulsion breakers
Low dosage application to split inverse emulsions back into their two phases. 2% product dosing, additional water dependent on fuel content and general emulsion formulation. Flammable or non-flammable formulations available

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